Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire

As you may know, there are many mailing services in the United States. Buf of all those mailing services, the USPS (United States Postal Services) is the largest mailing services in the United States. While this USPS is an organization that supports the nation in the mail and courier services. Furthermore, the employees of the USPS use Liteblue portal that helps them with their employment relating services online. We discussed Liteblue portal in our previous post. Hence you can refer that post to know more about the Liteblue portal. And this article is about the Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire. And using this the employees of USPS can search for their best eligible plans.

While the eRetire portal provides the best services that are related to the employee’s retirement plans. And this service is most helpful for those employees who are finding difficulty know about the existing retirement plans with the company executives.

Furthermore, you have to go through the post completely to get to know about the eligibility for the different plan. Also, you can know how to use Liteblue portal for the same.


About eRetire – Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement

The USPS organization has almost 600,000 employees in the U.S. As it is a semi-government organization it provides the best plans or schemes to their employees. While they also provide different retirement plans for their employees considering their services. And there are many different factors that speak about an employee’s eligibility towards the retirement plans.

While there may be some of the employees who hesitate to ask their company executives about the retirement plans. For them, this eRetire Liteblue Login Portal helps a lot as the USPS employees will get an easier means to understand the rules of the different plans here in this portal. As the Retire Liteblue Portal is an employee self-service zone hence it allows the users or the employees to plan for and begin a retirement plan online via their Liteblue portal account.

And there are three sets of eligible groups for the retirement benefits. These are as follows;

1. The employees with the five (5) years of eligible retirement.
2. And employees who worked for 180 days (6months) of eligible retirement.
3. Also, those who are are currently eligible for retirement.

According to those three plans, the employees can plan their retirement process. All the full-time employees of the USPS are eligible for the retirement plans. And those who work part-time for the USPS such as postal inspectors and some other employees can inquire manually with their respective department heads. While it may take 14 days to get the reply of their retirement plans in the form of an email.


USPS Employee Retirement criterions

Here in this section, you will get to know about the criterions of USPS Employee Retirement. Hence check them carefully.

Within 5 years of retirement:

The employees who are having about 5 years for their retirement eligibility they can check the plans here.
While the plans for the retirement will be according to the time of the employee’s retirement date, the date plus 6 months, or the date plus 1 year.

Currently eligible and having 6 months of eligibility:

  • Here the employees or the users of this category can estimate their retirement plans according to the dates.
  • They can plan considering the dates of the next month beginning, or seven months from then, or 13 months from the date of eligibility.
  • While the employees who are eligible to this plan can enter a custom date to check the plans as per that month.
  • And the users after finding their best retirement plan have to wait to get the reply whether they are eligible for the plan or not.

Furthermore, using the USPS eRetire portal, employees of the USPS can also conduct a counseling or the info-sharing session for getting the information on their eligible retirements plans. While to access the eRetire options, you have to open your account on USPS Liteblue website. You must log in with your Employee ID and password appropriately. And there on the menu bar of your account, you can follow this path; “My HR > Employee Apps > eRetire”.

Then you will see the information about the eRetire portal and retirement plans. Hope this information on Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application eRetire will be helpful to all.